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Our Vision:

To make an end to the epidemic of suicide among active duty military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, dispatchers and others in the business of serving, protecting and saving lives.

Our Mission:


To offer PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL 24/7 access to help and support to all those who serve, or have served, from others like themselves. To provide a safe, confidential place for them to tell their stories, seek help and support for themselves and their families and offer the same to their brothers and sisters. To provide concrete resources to enable those from the service community to obtain help and support to HELP EACH OTHER AND THEMSELVES solve problems BEFORE they become so critical that they feel they have no option other than to seek death at their own hands. To provide as much information, free and open discussion and humor as is compatible with completing our mission and realizing our vision. We have both male and female staff.


We have also formed a Nonprofit Organization to offer emergency assistance to active duty military, veterans and first responders. We are chartered in the state of Tennessee and are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as defined by the IRS. Our documentation is available for examination.


Rules of the Game:

Basically, it's our ball and our bat so we will play our way.

This site is intended to be both entertaining and informative while carrying out our primary mission. We are NOT Facebook or punitive, narrowminded twits. We hope for and encourage questions, comments and lively discussion. Disagreement is to be expected.


However, we WILL NOT TOLERATE targeted racism, sexism, personal attacks, bullying of any kind or outright pornography (and, yes, we know what it is). Nor will we permit ANY endorsement, encouragement or suggestion of suicide. Any of the above will get you tossed out on your ass so don't go there.

Try to keep politics to a minimum, you can bitch about that elsewhere. If you see something you object to, don't. Just scroll on by or go someplace else; we have neither the time nor the inclination to wet nurse any fragile egos, offended sensibilities, sniveling children or offended Karens, of any gender.


Other than those few, reasonable restrictions, HAVE FUN.

Neither The Dark Side of Service nor its staff are liable for any injury, libel or defamation be it real, inferred or imagined that may occur or be thought

 to have occurred within the confines of this website due to the comments or conduct of members, followers, visitors or passing strangers herein.

Grow a pair.

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