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So far we've turned away TEN applicants. Some needed help with bills, homelessness or just groceries. Most have kids. In order to help them and possibly save a life, I am not ashamed to use emotion to get to you.

Thanks to EVERYONE who's donated thus far, it's much appreciated. But, while we are a new nonprofit, we aren't thinking small and it costs a lot to carry out our mission. We intend to END veteran and first responder suicide; to do that, we need to show them they aren't alone, that people do care and that they CAN change their lives. We get a lot of mileage out of a buck but we still need more.

As of this morning 247,396 people follow this page. If only HALF of you kicked in a dollar we would be good for at least a year. We managed to get our nonprofit org, approved, operating AND helped 26 families on under $18K.

PLEASE help us help our brothers and sisters. Help us help YOU.



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