22 Until None, Disgruntled Vets, and the rest of the local vet orgs are mobilizing. 22 Until None has made an initial purchase of items that will go to displaced families in Colorado for $2600. Donations for a second shipment are being collected. Remember this is a tax deductible donation! Below is a partial list of the items needed.

So far over 600 homes and other buildings including a hospital, have been destroyed. Members of 22 Until None's Rocky Mountain Chapter and Disgruntled Veterans CO Chapter will be trucking the items up to the evacuation centers soon they arrive. If you can donate, thank you, but even sharing the link helps tremendously. https://www.facebook.com/22UntilNone https://www.facebook.com/DisgruntledVets https://www.22untilnone.org/ https://www.disgruntledveterans.org/

A goods collection point is being established at TREA in Colorado Springs for the fire victims up north. We will be sending a team to deliver sometime early next week. Here are the items we are thinking..... - Baby Wipes - Hand Sanitizer - Cases of water - Blankets - Gloves - Hats - Socks - Pots and Pans - Diapers - Baby Food - Baby Formula - Small kids toys - Clothes (all sizes) - Basic household items All items outside of clothing and pots/pans must be new. Address: 3065 S Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80916

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