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Vietnam vets have a lot in common with us OEF/OIF vets. They’re willing to talk to us younger vets, they’re not the grouchy old dudes you think they are. Some of them are our dads, uncles and grandfathers. We did what we had to do just as they did. I hear Vietnam vets constantly telling me that Iraq and Afghanistan vets are the younger versions of them and they’re the older versions of us. A lot of those men mentored me growing up, they were like uncles and 2nd dads. They know how we feel about what's happening now. Just as they watched Saigon fall 40+ years ago, they feel what we feel. No, they weren’t treated as good as we were when they came back, but it’s not too late to still pay respects. I went to the vets reunion in Melbourne, FL this year. I must say it was filled with laughter, good times, some happy and not so happy stories. The motto going forward is “bridging the gap of freedom”. When you get a chance, go sit down with a Vietnam vet, have a beer or lunch together. Soak in some knowledge. They love having us younger vets around. No matter if you served in the jungles of Vietnam or the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan, WELCOME HOME. ~ Jeremy H.

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