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Back in April, one of our Navy sisters lost her job when the business closed due to Covid. She got behind on bills and needed some assistance which we were privileged to provide. We were able to assist her in paying her utililies bills and get some groceries in the house for her and her children. Unfortunately this isn't an unusual occurrence but, due to the generosity of others, we've been able to help 27 veteran and first responder families get through rough patches. Usually, it doesn't take much to help someone get through to the next paycheck. You'd be surprised how much someone's stress is reduced by just a $100 in groceries. We're proud to report that our sister is now employed again, current on her bills and is paying it forward which is all we ask of anyone.

In order for us to be able to continue, we need your help. We know money is tight but small donations add up quickly. Please, if you're able but ONLY if you are able, donate what you can when you can by visiting the DONATE page here on our website.

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