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If our commands cannot or will not help their personnel then it is up to US ALL to help save each other. Active duty peeps, get help however you must, go outside your command and into the civilian sector to get mental healthcare treatment. Reach out to each other, to veterans and veteran orgs like us and 22 Until None and Lone Survivor Foundation. There are literally hundreds of NON-military and NON-Veterans Administration resources. If we cannot count on our seniors to have our backs, we must do what we have always done, have each other's 6.~ Bedlam, DSoS PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ANYWHERE YOU THINK IT WILL DO ANYONE ANY GOOD.

Since it contains live links, fb will not let it appear on regular feeds because none of the orgs that are linked have paid them to spread their message.

~ Bedlam

The Dark Side of Service

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